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Image result for evoshield logoEvoShield is a brand that specializes in performance-driven sports protection with multi-sport applications. “The company, which was founded by athletes makes wrist guards, elbow guards, as well as rib and heart protectors.
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Evoshield Catchers Thumb Guard evoshield, protective, thumb guard, catchers, baseball, softball
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    You're seen as the captain on the field. As the one who is always expected to make the big play, and you can't afford to be held back or stopped by injuries, especially to your hands. With the EvoShield Catcher's Thumb Guard, you'll have customized protection that allows you to make every play while protecting your current injuries and preventing future injuries, including Gameskeeper's Thumb and bone bruises. Designed by the nation's top professional athletic trainers, the EvoShield Catcher's...

    Evoshield Playcall Wrist Sleeve Evoshield, Wrist Coach, Baseball playcall, Softball playcall, football playcall, multi-sport tool, playcall wristband, playcall wristsleeve, evoshield playcall wrists guard black, evoshield wrist guard with play call, bakers online store
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      The EvoShield Playcall Wrist Sleeve is a multi-sport tool designed to keep your plays, calls, and signs organized in an easy to read manner. The EvoShield Playcall features a large window for easy access to plays. The Playcall sleeve is made from soft and durable neoprene for a non-slip compression fit.

      Evoshield Elbow Guard Orange Evoshield, Elbow Guard, Orange elbow guard, batter elbow guard, Baseball protective gear, baseball equipment, baseball batter gear, baseball gear, Softball protective gear, baseball equipment, bakers online store
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      Item #: WTV6100ORADT -

        Take back the plate with the EvoShield Protective Batter's Elbow Guard. The Protective Batter's Elbow Guard features our Gel-To-Shell™ custom-molding technology ensuring a perfect custom fit. A redesigned covering offers a durable surface and a quick release pull-tab for easy-on, easy-off feel without sacrificing the lock tight hold. Showcase your style and own the plate with the fresh look of EvoCharge™ featuring original patterns and dynamic colors.

        Evoshield Wrist Guard Orange Camo Evoshield, Wrist Guard, Compression
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          The EvoShield Protective Wrist Guard utilizes our Gel-To-Shell™ custom-molding technology to protect you from bad hops and wild pitches. This product will give you the compression and protection you want without sacrificing comfort and flexibility. Add some style to your play with the fresh look of EvoCharge™ featuring original patterns and dynamic colors. ...

          Evoshield Recovery Compression Arm Sleeve Evoshield, Arm Sleeve, compression arm sleeve, arm sleeve for athletic recovery, recovery dna arm sleeve, armsleeves for baseball recovery
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            Every ounce of energy, every drop of sweat drains from your body. To perform at your peak, you need to be at 100% before the competition starts and maintain that strength all game long. Getting back to full strength takes more than just rest. Regain your edge quicker and keep your game running at 100% all season with EvoShield Recovery DNA compression gear. Repair and restore today to win back tomorrow. ...

            Evoshield Arm Sleeve Evoshield, Arm Sleeve, Compression sleeves, baseball arm sleeves, baseball protective gear, baseball performance gear,
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              Comfort leads to confidence, and confidence leads to performance. Stay comfortable with the EvoShield Compression Arm Sleeve. With the compression fit, you'll allow increased circulation in your arm, allowing for better muscle recovery, decreasing fatigue after games and practices. This is the best solution for keeping your arm warm and loose. Engineered with SwagTech moisture-wicking technology, with this sleeve, you'll be dry, comfortable and ready for any challenge. ...

              Evoshield Performance USA Crew Socks Small evoshield crew socks, USA evoshield crew socks, pratriotic crew socks, patriotic socks, athletic socks, evoshield athletic socks, crew socks,  evoshield performance team crew socks,
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                EvoShield Performance Crew Socks have been battle tested on the playing field to make sure they would be the best protection for your feet both on, and off the field. They are constructed from 85% Polyester and 15% Spandex for an ultra-light feel that's both durable and comfortable. Extra padding in the sole of the socks provide increased comfort without sacrificing that lightweight feeling. A far cry from your ordinary, basic athletic sock. ...