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Sports provide diverse value and play a vital role in helping people to lead a prosperous and comfortable lifestyle. Mizuno not only supports sporting activities by offering better sporting goods but also develops products and services that make the most of the value of sports and actively spread that in daily life. We will contribute to making people around the world happy through the power of sports.

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Mizuno Classic Pro Soft 11.25"
Price: $149.99
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Item #: GCP40FRG -

    The Classic Pro Soft series is handcrafted with Throwback Leather, which is a rugged, rich and naturally pre-oiled leather that breaks in quickly and retains its shape over time. Featuring professional patterns designed for the best players in the world and UltraSoft Pro Palm Liner for an unmatched feel that makes Classic Pro Soft such a highly-rated glove choice. ...

    Mizuno Classic Pro GXT2A Mens Baseball Training Glove Baseball gloves, mizuno gloves, adult baseball gloves, adult gloves, training gloves, infield baseball gloves, developing infielders glove, mizuno equipment, mizuno baseball equipment, throwing drills, 9 inch pattern, leather baseball glove, bakers online store
    Price: $64.99
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    Item #: GXT2ARG -

      These training gloves are excellent aids for infielders developing the most crucial aspects of their game required for good infield play; and they're constructed just like your favorite game model! The Mizuno Quick Hands Training Glove: GXT2A requires a two-handed catch and helps in developing quick ball transfer to the throwing hand that is essential for infielders. The purpose of its small, 9.00 Inch Pattern Size is to teach perfect fielding habits, not relying on the the extra length of the...

      Mizuno Premier G3 Bat Bag  Mizuno bags,
      Price: $39.99
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      Item #: 360142 -

        Easy access storage compartment for footwear Industrial strength fence clip. Carry straps convert to backpack straps Zip-off top pocket for easy embroidery. Internal bat sheath holds 3 bats